Plan Your Visit to the National Aviary this Summer

Just across the river from our community of Pittsburgh luxury apartments, you’ll find the National Aviary, an exquisite local gem providing visitors with stunning views of exotic birds, educational tours, and fun events. Now that summer is here, the National Aviary is a fantastic place to visit with family and friends, and we’ve got all the details to plan your upcoming trip.

Led by Dr. Steven C. Latta, director of conservation and field research, the team of ornithologists and researchers from the National Aviary work to rescue endangered birds and protect their natural habitats. Through exhibits and immersive experiences, educators help to impart knowledge to the public in an exciting and interactive way that visitors of all ages can appreciate. The Aviary’s collection showcases birds from all over the world, with an impressive array of over 500 birds from 150 different species.

Your visit to the National Aviary can take many different forms, depending on the interests of your group and the type of experience you’re looking for. A tour of the Main Hall will reveal two unique birds of prey, including Steller’s Sea Eagles of eastern Russia and northern Japan, boasting a wing span of 6-8 feet, as well as the Bald Eagle, native to North America. Peruse Canary’s Call, an interpretive storytelling-style display that showcases the ways in which birds have been impacted by environmental change, or head to Penguin Point, an open-air exhibit featuring 20 penguins native to South Africa. Adventurous types will want to check out Birdly, the Aviary’s virtual reality experience that lets you fly through the Jurassic period like a pterosaur. You even have the option of signing up for Animal Encounters, including a Private Penguin Feeding, Bird of Prey Flight Encounter, or the Sloth Lover’s Experience.

The National Aviary is open every day from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., with special discounts for group admission. Be sure to check their calendar for special events, or to design your day based on the experiences you’re most interested in. You’ll also want to visit their main page for information about admission, directions, dining options, and parking. We hope you take advantage of this wonderful resource right here in our community!

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