Friends of the Riverfront Keeps Pittsburgh Beautiful

If you’ve ever enjoyed a walk, bike ride, or run on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, then you can give your thanks to the team at Friends of the Riverfront. Friends of the Riverfront is a nonprofit organization that develops and maintains paths along the Pittsburgh region’s rivers and riverfronts, working to reverse the effects of pollution and maintain the natural beauty of the area.

Providing Safe, Clean, and Scenic Riverfront Trails

Three Rivers Heritage Trail and Three Rivers Water Trail are two trails currently being managed by the Friends of the Riverfront. Both of these routes have been awarded National Recreational Trail status by the US Department of the Interior, a recognition given to those that are considered to be locally significant and properly maintained.

A Positive Impact on Pittsburgh

Not only do the trails provide beautiful paths, but they have also encouraged the residents of Pittsburgh to participate in recreational activities, thereby promoting healthy lifestyles. In a combined 2014 User Survey and Economic Impact Report, it was found that their presence has influenced the frequency and type of activities for almost 84% of its visitors. Plus, with the paths offering a safe way to travel, they provide an environmentally-friendly commute from Lot 24. Residents can bike to downtown offices and enjoy leisurely strolls to events at The Point. It's all just a scenic walk away.

Volunteer Opportunities

Friends of the Riverfront maintain the areas by planting native species and removing invasive ones. With over 95% of this work being completed by volunteers, they are always looking for people to help. Click here to learn about upcoming activities and how you can get involved!

The Three Rivers Heritage Trail runs on both sides of the Allegheny River and can be accessed just a block from Lot 24 at the foot of 24th Street.

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