Visit Meraki Studio For a Fun & Effective Workout

Looking to reignite those New Year resolutions? Get back in that January mentality and sign up for classes at Meraki Studio. This stylish and sleek fitness center offers BarreAmped classes, a routine influenced by classical and modern dance, and revved up with moves inspired by Pilates, yoga, and orthopedic stretching.

"At Meraki we offer more than just effective workouts producing results. We are a community promoting mind-body connection, feeling strong, healthy and de-stressed. We want our clients to return not to punish themselves but to be kind both physically and mentally; allowing movement to become more than just a workout." - Laura Breen Escott, Owner.

While effective, the routine is also fun, as participants can stretch, tone, and shape their physiques with the help of a barre bar and skilled instructors.

Here are a few classes to look forward to:


The classic BarreAmped class encompasses the technique of dance, flow of yoga, and precision of pilates into a fun and effective workout. If you're new to the practice, this class is helpful as it embodies the basic characteristics of an effective BarreAmped routine.

BarreAmped Advanced

When you're ready to turn it up a notch, BarreAmped Advanced dives into longer holds, deeper positions, and quick transitions. At least 10 BarreAmped classes are recommended before transitioning, so be sure to train up before hitting this advanced level.

BarreAmped Cardio

BarreAmped Cardio intertwines short bursts of heart-pumping activity into a classic routine. The repeated mantra of the class is, "You can do anything in 20 seconds" which holds true as instructors guide participants in 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for a variety of 4-minute routines.


Looking to defy gravity as you sweat it out? Meraki Studio is the first studio in Pittsburgh to offer high adrenaline, low impact Rebound Fitness classes. Melding both cardio and core-strengthening techniques on trampolines, this upbeat class offers an effective and entertaining workout.

Meraki Studio is just steps away from our Pittsburgh, PA apartments. Contact us today to learn all about Pittsburgh living, or to schedule a tour of our stylish homes.