Visit Historic Primanti Brothers in The Strip District

One of the best features about Lot 24 is that it is located near some of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh. How people define "best" may be subjective but hands down, everyone will agree, one of the must-try restaurants in the area is Primanti Brothers.

This location, in the strip district, is the original location from 1933. The history behind Primanti Brothers is an interesting one. Originally, the strip district was a busy location where merchants would bring goods for sale all day long. Joe Primanti had a very busy food cart. Eventually, he saved enough to open his own storefront to help serve the crowds that would come to the district. His amazing sandwiches are packed with meat, cheese, coleslaw, and tomato on Italian Bread but the famous addition of fries to the sandwich ended up there by accident. A potato salesman brought them to the district to sell, Joe bought them, put them on sandwiches and walla--the now world famous sandwich was born.

Open 24 hours, this must-try destination for a Pittsburgh local. There is limited seating but the way Primanti's makes its sandwiches, they are designed to eat on the go. If you decide that it's just too late or too cold to go outside, Primanti sandwiches are available for delivery through Grubhub.

Take a step outside your new home at Lot 24 and enjoy the sites, sounds, smells, and tastes of Pittsburgh. Contact us for more information on how you can make Lot 24 your home.