Explore the Pittsburgh Zoo And PPG Aquarium

Did you know that four thousand animals from around the world live near Lot 24? They call the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium home, and it's one of only six major zoo and aquarium combinations in the country. It began more than one hundred years ago when philanthropist Christopher Lyman Magee donated $125,000 for the building of a zoological park. The zoo opened its gates in 1898 and provided visitors with a rare glimpse of animals they had never seen before. The aquarium was added in 1967, and today, the zoo states that its mission is to be a leader and significant contributor to the conservation of endangered and threatened species. Exhibits include:

Jungle Odyssey

Jungle Odyssey is the newest exhibit, and true to its name, it is set among jungle foliage. It features animals such as pygmy hippos, capybaras, and ocelots, as well as a zip line that gives visitors a unique view of the zoo.

Water's Edge

Water's Edge was designed to resemble a fishing village, and it's where visitors can learn more about the importance of being environmentally conscious. It's currently home to charming sea otters and polar bears, both of which like to entertain the crowd.

Tropical Forest

As visitors explore Tropical Forest, they'll discover some of the animals that live in tropical rainforests. They often delight the crowd with their antics and include black howler monkeys, Bornean orangutans, and Hoffman's two-toed sloths. The zoo is just one of the many things to do in Pittsburgh, PA if you call our apartment community home. Please contact us to schedule a tour.